Fine Art

I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.

Judith Sturm


Judith Sturm, using acrylic paint, uses the medium’s ability to bond to many different surfaces, modifying the look of hardness, flexibility of the texture – she even incorporates salt in the artwork to give a special expression of human skin. Whereas Yi Lü uses oil painting – with stunning effects of sentiments. These differences also arise when we look at the way these emotions and ideas are conveyed. So let us also examine the different approach of their creations, their focus and subject. Judith Sturm demonstrates detailed depictions of female models, infused with psychological, and sexual content. Her style reminds of Verism, the artistic preference of contemporary everyday subject matter. She is fascinated by themes drawn from popular mass culture, such as advertising and mundane cultural objects. Judith Sturm plays on all the emotional connotations associated with Fetish fashion like stiletto heel shoes, undergarment, miniskirt and panties. In modern media, images of partial and full nudity are used in advertising to draw additional attention. Sex appeal has become the main selling point. Beyond that, aspect of each single figure of woman in Sturm’s paintings is meant to be a philosophical medium. She started the offer with a motivation that we have to reach a level of spiritual understanding on „alones”.

In Judith Sturm’s paintings, women are reduced to being objects, they have no faces, no individuality. Are there erotic connotations? Or can we feel their loneliness and alienation in modern society?

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