von Wchinitz und Tettau

Serva ordinem et ordo te servabit

after the verb, 'to love,'  'to help' is the most beautiful verb in the world

Bertha von Suttner,  nee Kinsky   (1843 -1914)

first female to win Nobel peace price

Serva ordinem et ordo servabit

Sir Kinsky's

new wine in old bottles...

Karl Maria   Kinsky, born 1979 in Vienna in Austria, the heir of an old Bohemian noble house,  today lives and works in Porto Cristo in Spain.  He is a private Art Collector and owns one of three Art Galleries in the East of Mallorca, atKinsky Art Gallery. His furniture designs are sold locally to owners of Fincas who are looking for bespoke designs, often in extra large sizes to fit their estates.


Sir Kinsky was knighted   by  the 'Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani' Swiss Registry CH-660.1972999.4  in 2006 and is  further decorated with the officers cross of the 'holy  order of St. Stanislaus' . he has recently been promoted to become the ambassador at large for liechtenstein and Switzerland. He is married to   Judith Margarethe  Kinsky nee Sturm, born 29.09.1973 in Saarlouis, Germany.   

Dame Judith Margarethe  Kinsky  was knightet by the holy order of St. Stanislaus  in  2013.  She is an award winning painter and fashion designer, better known as 'Judith Sturm' & J.M.K. Millinery. She won a vey important art award  by  'Deutsche Bank' in  1998 and moved to berlin in 2010.

She is represented worlldwide by the atKinsky the Kinsky collection and various other collections and art galeries such as   'Anni Fuchs´ fuchs contemporary' in Austria.  Judith Sturm is also listed with 'artprice' in France. Her work is on a regular schedule for auction at "im Kinsky" in Vienna, Austria.

Important notice: due to the abolition  of nobility in  austria  (1919) both, Judith Margarethe aswell as Karl Maria  do not use titles in austria, but may be called      "count and  countess Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau " abroad, (they are both registered in Germanies noble registry, the Almanach book of nobility),  according to the law that states the following:

The Adelsaufhebungsgesetz of 1919 (Law on the Abolition of Nobility) abolished nobility as well as all noble privileges, noble titles and names, but only in Austria. In other Monarchies of Europe the Austrian noble families can wear their noble titles or even particles such as von and zu in his or her name and they still have the status of nobility there.

The spanish family credo is :   

serva ordinem et orda the servabit - keep the rule and the rule will keep you

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